Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Why should I buy the THESUSPECT.NET as opposed to other cheats?

[A] We offer a competitive cheat at a competitive price. Unlike other cheats, we focus heavily on making sure our cheat stays vac undetected, because of this, we have never been vac detected.

[Q] The cheat won't run, how do I fix it?

[A] Make sure that your whitelist the cheat in your antivirus software, as this cheat modifies the memory of another process, many antivirus will detect this as a malicious program. Make sure to run the cheat as administrator, to do this, right click the program, and click "Run as administrator". If you are running the cheat on windows 8 or higher, you may have to unblock the program, to do so, Right click the program -> Click Properties -> then click unblock.

[Q] Is their an overlay? Do I have to run the cheat in windowed mode?

[A] No, there is no overlay. This means there is no requirement for you to run CS:GO in windowed mode.

[Q] Do you have a discord?

[A] Yes! Join our community now! Here we offer support. Click here to join our discord.

[Q] Will game updates break the cheat Will new features be added to the cheat?h2>

[A] Most CS:GO updates will not break the cheat. However, should an update break the cheat, it will be patched as soon as possible. We will always try to continue to add new features and fix bugs.

[Q] How do I contact support or reset my HWID?

[A] Simple, join our discord and contact staff, there are multiple text channel for various issues. To reset your hwid, contact support under the hwid reset text channel.

[Q] How many reports does it take before my game goes into overwatch?

[A] Currently it takes 11 reports in 24 hours for your match to be placed in the overwatch pool. Reports expire 24 hours after submission.