The menu will tell you what hacks are currently running, as well as their toggle and hold keys.
The main menu will also tell you your current version.


Default Toggle Keys:

Glow ESP - Numberpad 1
Triggerbot - Numberpad 5
AntiFlash - Numberpad 2
Aim Assist - Numberpad 3
Bunnyhop - Numberpad 4
Recoil - Numberpad 7

Default Hold Keys:

Bunnyhop - Spacebar
Aimlock - ALT
Triggerbot hold - Middle Mouse Button

How to configure your cheat:

To open the config menu press INSERT.

Once your in the config menu press the appropriate key for the settings you wish to modify. Here you can modify toggle keys, hold keys, and the parameters you wish your cheat to operate at.

Pressing Home will save your current config, Pressing Insert will close the menu and pressing END will take you to the previous page.

Click here to see the aimspots.